Frozen Muzak

by The Nurse Novels

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Chicago needed one more album.
So two men and two women got together in 2010 to create it.
Songs were constructed from the following topics:

Cruise Ships
Manifest Destiny
Mad Mike Metrovich
Old Friends Overseas
Beauty Shop Meltdowns
Childhood Fear of Death
Escorts at Black Tie Events
Auditioning For Commercials
Manson Family Values vs. Gentrification

Purchase of the album includes 3 bonus tracks:
• Santa's Hell
• A Mouthful Of Sores Ain't No Fun
• Game Over

Plus the video for "Sea Day", drawn by Tony Mendoza


released February 29, 2012


Thea Lux - Guitar, vocals
Tony Mendoza - Drums, vocals
Tom Vale - Guitar, Keyboards, vocals
Nicole Vitale - Bass, vocals

Additional musicians:
Alan Scalpone - Accordion, Brass
Greg Norman - Brass
Heinz - Pedal Steel Guitar

Recorded by Greg Norman
Mastered by Carl Saff
Cover Design by Scott Williams



all rights reserved


The Nurse Novels Chicago, Illinois

Chicago needed one more band.

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Track Name: Sea Day
I've been on this boat
This town that floats if I don't get out soon
I'm going to build a hot air balloon

I've been in this room
All afternoon and all day and tonight
I'll have a one man pillow fight

Sea Day
I'll see your day and raise you the sun
The one that never seems to set
Sea Day
Incinerate the itinerary for fun
That distant coast I've never met

I'm so sick in the head
I'd use my bed as a raft but it weighs a ton
And at the crew bar all they play is reggaeton

Sea Day
I'll see your day and raise you the sun
The one that never seems to set
Sea Day
My wet suit and I are having fun
Inside a commercial fishing net

Sea Day
You are my me day
Track Name: Work Whorse
Track Name: Little Boy
Little boy
Age 33
Afraid of me
And so you run
Run run run
Run away from love
Into the nova
At the top of a tree

You're too old for this
And now there's no more lips to kiss

All alone
You're finally on your own
Little boy
Age 33
Track Name: Monsters 'n Moldies
Abandoned supermarket
Four fast, four slow
Aardvark, you don't park it
Dim the death ray low

You must have indigestion
With your nose in my crate
Suitcase cutter session
Platters heavy as weights

Haunted howling hell

I'm Pittsburgh's Alan Lomax
A sound hound with glue
I paste over the hot wax
With a Casper cartoon

Ghouls, girls, gals, ghouls

Only in screams
You split up your jeans
Chasing your dreams

You hunt it down
But it cannot be found

You lunchbox lotharios
Shut down my cloud nine
Oh but you ain't sorry so
I label all of it MINE
Track Name: Inside A Car Wash
He sits surrounded in blue foam
Inside a car wash all alone
He likes to look at the bristles
Oh how they spin and spin and spin
Rinsing and soaking up his sins

I never meant to hurt you
But I did
And when I did
I did
I did I really hurt you
Then I hid
Yes I did I hid
And courage is a virtue
And I hid
Yes I did
Under the safety of a high pressure hose

Pounding wet flopping soapy rugs
Berry scented waxes making suds
His Pall Mall slips out of his fingers
And so he frantically opens his door
Rinsing and soaking the car floor

The power vacuum's got a hold of my clothes

There was a lot of snow around our car
We had to shovel it out
I'm sorry dude
You can't have this spot
Because we shoveled it out
If you move this chair
And take our spot
We're going to smash your car
Set fire to your car
Track Name: N.I.M.B.Y.
It seems I can't even fake it
A big dumb bite
And a big dumb smile

Surrounded by these yip yaps
Yip yappin'
Yip yap yappin' for miles

And in my nap I'm a genius
The kind you find in a bar
And you can keep your bloody money
I ain't your fast food star

What's with this frozen muzak?
Je lego eyesores are a crazy craze
I bet I could have built that
Yeah, with a four pack of organic gluten free ginger beer
Fuck you

Another 4x4 stroller
Another shut down bar
And you can have the fuckin' planet
When you're buried in my yard

It seems you're not gonna make it